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Animatronic Oviraptor
Animatronic Oviraptor
Animatronic Oviraptor

About Oviraptor



Wikipedia of Oviraptor
Oviraptor is a genus of small Mongolian theropod dinosaurs, lived in late Cretaceous, about 75 million years ago. The name “Oviraptor” means “egg taker”. The first fossil of them discovered alongside to a pile of Protoceratops eggs fossil. Therefore, paleontologists thought they eating eggs as food. But , some study shows it may not a “egg taker” but protect their own eggs.

Parameter of Animatronic Oviraptor

TypeOviraptor Statue
Skin ColorBrown
MotionEyes Blink
Mouth Open
Head Move
Tail Swing
Limbs move
Stomach Breath

Image of Animatronic Oviraptor

Animatronic Oviraptor

4m Robotic Oviraptor

Animatronic Oviraptor for park decoration

Life-size Oviraptor for park decoration

Oviraptor in pop culture

However, in popular culture, Oviraptor still is created as a predator of dinosaur eggs. They appeared in the Disney animation movie Dinosaur, The Land Before Time, etc.

Application of Robotic Oviraptor

Life-size Oviraptor statue made by us always be designed to hold an egg in claws. Those animatronic statues are widely used as exhibits of the dinosaur amusement park, museum, theme exhibition, etc.

Another animatronic dinosaur for sale?

Yes. We have made hundred species of animatronic dinosaur, such as Animatronic Parasaurolophus, Animatronic Pterosaurs, Animatronic Allosaurus, Animatronic Amargasaurus, Animatronic Styracosaurus, Animatronic Iguanodon, Animatronic Argentinosaurus