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Animatronic Dragon
Animatronic Dragon
Animatronic Dragon
Animatronic Dragon
Dragon in Western

Dragon in Western Fairy Tales

Dragon mystic creatures

Dragon is a mystic creature appeared in a lot of civilization, it have different image in legends. And the popular western image of dragon is winged, four-legged, horned, with a long spike tail and breathing fire. Most literature works described it as a evil, greedy and powerful creature, the Smaug from T­he Hobbit e.g. Some dragons are justice, kind, they are honored by people. Anyway, dragon is thought be related with power and brave, their image is widely painted on amours, weapons, shields and flags.

What’s animatronic dragon?

It is a realistic life-size dragon statue made according to the image of dragons. Animatronic dragons are always designed to be dynamic, with motion like: eyes blinking, mouth moving, limbs moving, wing and tail swing. Some special animatronic has the function to spray smoke, water, even fire (not recommend).

Animatronic Dragon

Realistic Dragon statue

Animatronic Dragon

Lifelike dragon model

TypeAnimatronic Dragon
Creature SpeciesDragon
PowerAC, 110/220V, 50/60Hz
MotionEyes Blink
Wing Swing
Mouth Open
Head Move
Limbs move

What’s the application of animatronic dragon?

A big dragon statue always is attractions in the amusement park. Animatronic dragon is more attractive, because of their lifelike motions and shout. Besides, animatronic dragons are also applied to theme exhibitions, shopping mall decoration, etc.

How can I get the animatronic dragon I want?

Send us the design, we will model the dragon according to your images. All the animatronic is customized.

Video of animatronic dragons

Another interesting animatronic you made?

We had made a lot of customized animatronic, for example–Animatronic Creatures, Animatronic Snow Monster, Animatronic Chomper, Animatronic Snowman, etc.