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Animatronic Chubutisaurus
Animatronic Chubutisaurus
Animatronic Chubutisaurus

About Chubutisaurus



Wikipedia of Chubutisaurus
Chubutisaurus means “Chubut lizard”, is a genus of herbivorous dinosaur from the Early Cretaceous Period, about 110 million years ago. It is one member of titanosaurs, lived in is now South America. It is a large sauropod about 23 meters (74 ft) in length.

Parameter of Animatronic Chubutisaurus

TypeChubutisaurus real-life dinosaurs
Skin ColorLight Brown
MotionEyes Blink
Mouth Open
Head Move
Tail Swing
Limbs move
Stomach Breath

Image of Chubutisaurus real-life dinosaurs

Animatronic Chubutisaurus

Chubutisaurus real-life dinosaurs

Animatronic Chubutisaurus

10m Animatronic Chubutisaurus

Chubutisaurus in pop culture

Chubutisaurus rarely appeared in popular culture, you can only know them from some books and museum.

Application of Animatronic Chubutisaurus

Animatronic Chubutisaurus is a robotic statue of this kind of dinosaur. Our dynamic and static Chubutisaurus are used as exhibits in the prehistoric museum in South America.

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