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Animatronic butterfly
Animatronic butterfly
Animatronic butterfly
Animatronic butterfly

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Details of Animatronic butterfly

Animatronic butterfly

Large scale butterfly statue

Animatronic butterfly

Giant butterfly model

TypeAnimatronic Butterfly
Insect SpeciesButterfly
ColorBlack and Orange
PowerAC, 110/220V , 50/60Hz
MotionMouth Move
Wing Swing
Head Move
Limbs move

What’s the animatronic butterfly?

The butterfly is an insect with a typical four-stage life cycle. Their larva is known as caterpillars. Caterpillars grow up to chrysalis, then adult insect climbs out from chrysalis. Adult butterfly flies with brightly colored wings.

Animatronic butterfly is a giant butterfly statue. The dynamic robotic butterfly we made have motions of the wing, legs and etc.

How did you make it?

It is a decades time bigger replica of a real butterfly, we made it according to a real specimen. The raw material including–steel frame, sponge, foam, silicone rubber, electric motor, etc.

Animatronic butterfly

What’s the application?

It is widely used as decoration of the city park, insect museum, and amusement park, etc.

Another Insects we made

To meet the demand of market we also made animatronic insects like animatronic spider, animatronic dragonfly, animatronic ladybug, animatronic beetles, animatronic dung beetle, animatronic mantisanimatronic ant, animatronic snail, animatronic scorpion etc.