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Velociraptor Blue Statue
Velociraptor Blue Statue
Velociraptor Blue Statue
Velociraptor Blue Statue
Velociraptor Blue Statue
Velociraptor Blue

Blue Velociraptor

About the Blue Velociraptor

The Blue raptor is a created 3D modeling animation character in film Jurassic Word 1 and 2. It firstly appeared in Jurassic World. There are four raptors in the film, Blue, Echo, Delta, Charlie, Blue is the leader of the other three raptors. All of them trained by the male leading role-Owen Grady.

At the end of the film, Echo and Delta were killed by the Indominus rex, Blue avenged their death by joining in the battle with Jurassic World’s Tyrannosaurus, and forcing the Indominus rex towards the Jurassic World Lagoon. Finally, the I.rex was dragged to the lagoon and killed by the MosasaurusAnd it also showed on the Jurassic World 2:  Fallen Kingdom.

Life-Size Animatronic Blue Velociraptor Statue

It is an animatronic dinosaur statue made with an image of the famous Blue Velociraptor that appeared in Jurassic World.

We strictly painted it according to the Blue Raptor to make it highly similar to the prototype.

The electric motors inside made it dynamic.

It is suitable for the amusment park, museum, shopping mall, party, etc.

We also provide Blue Velociraptor costume, Blue hand puppet, etc.

Pictures of the Animatronic Velociraptor staute taken in the factory

blue velociraptor statue

Skin details are highly similiar to what in the film

Velociraptor Blue animatronic

Velociraptor Blue animatronic

Velociraptor Sculpture

Raptor statue

Animatronic Blue Velociraptor Statue