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animatronic insects
animatronic insects
animatronic insects
animatronic insects

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Animatronic Beatles

Animatronic Beatles

Details of animatronic beetles statue

Animatronic beetles

Animatronic beetles left side

Animatronic beetles right side

Animatronic beetles right side

TypeAnimatronic Beetles
Insect SpeciesAllomyrina Dichotomus
PowerAC, 110/220V , 50/60Hz
MotionMouth Move
Head Move
Limbs move
Wing Swing

What’s the animatronic beetles statue?

It is a giant robotic beetle model which is decade times bigger than real one. Animatronic beetle is consists of flexible material like sponge, foam, rubber and electric motors. The dynamic animatronic beetle statue have motions of mouth, legs, wings etc.

Video animatronic elephant beetles

What’s the application of animatronic beetles?

It is widely used as decoration of park and exhibits in theme park and museum.

We provide all kinds of customized animatronic insects, please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our products.