Project Description

polar bear costume for street prank

Can you figure out it is a polar bear suit?

What’s the animatronic polar bear costume?
It is a realistic polar bear suit made by animatronic technology. Operators who wear this mechanical puppet looks like real polar bears.

Details of Animatrnic Realistic Polar Bear Costume

Animatrnic Polar Bear Costume

Animatrnic Polar Bear Costume

Animatrnic Polar Bear Costume

Animatrnic Polar Bear Costume

TypeAnimatrnic Polar Bear Costume
Creature SpeciesPolar Bear
Control ModeHand Operated
MotionEyes Blink
Head Move
Mouth Open

How to operate the animatronic realistic polar bear costume?

The operator who wears the suit control motions by a mechanical device. Another operator remote control the facial expression of the bear. Expressions are driven by the electric motor.

What’s the application of polar bear suit?

It is used as an amusement prop in the theme park and performing prop on a stage show. Sometimes we can also see it on the street show or prank.

Can you make other animatronic suits?

Yes, of course. We also provide dinosaur costumes, gorilla costume, dragon costume, predator costume, etc. And, we are struggling with developing new animatronic props to meet the demand of clients. Just tell us what you want, we can have a try.