Long Gone Dinosaurs

In recent days, the Beijing National Stadium has been surging. Do you know why? It is because of the thrilling panoramic sci-fi drama Long Gone Dinosaurs.

dinosaur drama

Dinosaur drama

Most dinosaur performances are performed on stage by people wearing dinosaur clothes, while Long Gone Dinosaurs is more unique. The show took three years to complete, and it was very realistic, with the impact of storms and rain, and 6000 square meters of LED sky, you can enjoy the really impressive sky scenery.

Compared with these vivid dinosaurs in this sci-fi drama, you may find that the dinosaurs in museums and parks are more inflexible and dull. Because these large simulated dinosaurs are controlled by motors, this is the most common mode of control. Under this control mode, they usually have several movements, such as eyes blinking, head up and down, head left to right, neck up and down, two front paws swinging, tail swinging, etc.

However, the latest technology is used in the production of dinosaurs in this drama. They have a totally different control mode and it can be manipulated and debugged in any corner of the world. The facial expressions and subtle movements of body muscles are more detail. What’s more, the movement is more fluent and the range of body movement is greater. The overall effect will be more realistic.

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