Life-Size Realistic Animatronic Bear For Museum

Nowadays we made some animatronic bears for a national museum. A polar bear mother and her child.

animatronic bear model

Polar bear family

animatronic bear model

baby polar bear 

They are 1:1 scale dynamic bear models. With the animatronic technology, they can make motions and voices of bears.

bear model in museum

Animatronic bear displaying the museum

The realistic bear replica is applied for educational purposes—to help people learn more about bears, especially the polar bears.

bear model in museum

Visitor are learning the knowledge about the polar bear

As you may know, the polar bears are facing a great threat of its population—their Habitat has been shrinking for years. Because of the arctic glacier melting caused by Global Warming.


A polar bear stands on the melting ice, his home are disappearing now

The education about protecting polar bears from extinction is important, therefore what we do is positive to the world.

polar bear replica

Video of the animatronic polar bear

We provide all kinds of customized animatronic animals. Please feel free to contact us if you need our help.

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