Incredible Halloween Animatronics for Haunted House

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Incredible Halloween Animatronics for Haunted House

Halloween Animatronics are more and more popular with the coming of Halloween.

Today I’d like to share some of our customized animatronic haunted house props.

  1. Halloween Animatronics Pumpkins

halloween pumpkins

Halloween pumpkins

The key to building a successful haunted house project is departing from conventions. Halloween pumpkins are widely seen in Halloween decoration.

But, our animatronic Halloween pumpkins are not just decoration, they are interactive.

Tourist could throw sandbags while the mouth of animatronic pumpkins if opening. Owners could reword visitors who throws in enough sandbags.

  1. Returning brains to the zombies

haunted house animatronics

These swaying zombies have been chained. They are trying to eat your brain unless you returning their brains back.

Well, I can’t make it up any more. The fun of this game is that you bounce zombies’ brains back into their skulls by tapping boards. But it’s not so simple, they are always swaying.

  1. A sacrifice to the God of death

In this game, we need to throw small skulls to iron cages on the hands of the animatronic human skeleton. To make it more difficult, its hands are swing up and down.

  1. Sweet Strike to the dead

halloween animatronics

Don’t be cheated by the fabricated name. In this game, you need strike the place between the legs of the zombie with the greatest strength. Your hit strength will be marked by the flying head.

  1. Drive away crows from Scarecrows

haunted house animatronics Scarecrows

Honestly, the bloody Scarecrows make me feel a little uncomfortable. It reminds me the scary movies about Scarecrows I watched before. Long razors will be stretched out from their hands in the evening, and then bad things will happen.

Back to the game, you can shoot the crows with a Slingshot.

  1. Surprise at the corner

Ok, thriller scenes are indispensable in a haunted house. A lot of people are scared out of their wits by those ugly zombies with their bloody intestine and mouth, especially when they suddenly appear at the corner.

  1. Dance of the dead


Those horrible skulls will dance when people get closed to them. Whatever, I will keep away.

Do you want to visit such a haunted house after reading my article?

The Halloween nights is coming, did you get ready for it?

We provide all kinds of customized Halloween animatronics. Please feel free to contact us if you need our help.

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