How To Train You Dragon Kiddie Ride


Animation film How to train your dragon

Did you watched the film How To Train Your Dragon?

If you were attracted by the lovely dragon and Vikings and love the fantastic stories?

Or once imagined you own a lovely and special flying dragon?


I was dreaming bout riding dragon like this

At least most of children are dream about it. They dreamed riding on their cute dragon and flying in the sky.

Therefore, those kiddie rides with the appearance of dragons from film How To Train Your Dragon were popular in amusement park.

Kids are argue with each others for the right to ride those dragon scooters.

To meet the demand of kids, we launched more realistic dragon scooters according How To Train Your Dragon.

1.There is essential cute pet—lovely Night Fury toothless dragon.


The cute pet toothless dragon

Toothless was once thought of the “unholy offspring of lightning and death itself”, in fact it just a winged pussycat. Toothless was thought as the last Night Fury in a long time.

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Toothless dragon kiddie ride

2.The sleepy Gronckle.


Lovely Gronckle

Gronckle is the only one of dragon that can fly like helicopter—hovering in the sky and flying towards left or right at will. Gronckle is a little lazy, they will fall asleep while flying.

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Gronckle animatronic scooters

3.The Monstrous Nightmare with powerful fire breath.

Monstrous Nightmare

Monstrous Nightmare

Monstrous Nightmare can spray powerful fire, and they will use fire wrapping themselves while they are in danger.

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Monstrous Nightmare Scooter

4.Mystic Hideous Zippleback-Barf &Belch.

Hideous Zippleback Barf &Belch

Hideous Zippleback Barf &Belch

Hideous Zippleback have two head which always arguing with each other, because the two head want different things at the same time. The argument between them more the cooperation .

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Hideous Zippleback scooter

Is there any animatronic scooters attracted you. Contact us if you are interested in having some animal ride, we can always provide you custom products.

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