How To Make Dinosaur Costume?

With the spreading of dinosaur culture, dinosaur costume turns to be a very hot animatronic prop in the market.

Some of the dinosaur lovers are trying to make a dinosaur suit for themselves. But, making a dinosaur costume is not a simple work for people.

In fact, there is a industrial chain of dinosaur costume manufacturing. Nobody can make a high quality without the material and technology provided by the industrial chain.

Today, I’d like to share how to make dinosaur costume.


We can not make any animatronics by imagination, to make a dinosaur suit, you need to have a draft at first. The draft usually designed by our art designers. Since we have made a lot of dinosaur suit we have a lot of dinosaur design as well.

dinosaur costume design

2.Mechanical frame making

Mechanical frame is the bones of a dinosaur costume. It keeps the suit sturdy, durable and flexible. Now, there are professional dinosaur frame manufacturers in Zigong city who only making dinosaur costume frames. All the mechanical devices will be installed on the steel frame only need to increase electric devices.


3. Shaping the dinosaur

The body of dinosaur suit are making by this step. Firstly, workers will stick sponges on the frame then they will use sharp knifes sculpture sponges. Dinosaur appearance is preliminary shaping After patiently cutting. We need strictly sculpture it according to the dinosaurs’ body proportion.


4. Make muscle texture

Muscle texture has a big influence on dinosaur appearance. To make realistic texture our artists will paint on the sponge with a big electric soldering iron. We don’t know who is the first one came up with this idea, but it does works well. The sponge will melt after touched high temperature electric iron. So making the texture is like painting on the sand.


5. Skin details making

Now, artists will change a smaller electric iron to make highly detailed dinosaur skin.


6. Skin grafting

Sticking silk on sponge is the most important step to make high strength artificial dinosaur skin. The raw material that we use are silk stockings. Yes, you read that right, they are silk stockings. There isn’t another material in the market that has the advantage of elasticity, flexibility and thin all in one.

Workers will cut silk stockings to pieces and stick them on sponge. Then they will brush silicone rubber on it.

New material dinosaur suit with different technology

Making a new material dinosaur suit is adopts another technology since the step of skin details making. We use 3D print machine to make the skin details on the new material instead of sculpture it on sponge. Workers just need to stick the new skin on sponge now. The advantage is it’s more realistic, durable and lighter. Disadvantage is the cost will increase.


7. Painting

The last step is painting no material what material we use. Painting will directly influence the dinosaur’s appearance too. And, only experienced artists can finish this work perfectly. It takes years of practicing to gain the ability to paint on a dinosaur costume.

Blue raptor costume in grey color

It always needs days to finish the painting works. And it takes a week to let the paint dry.

Dinosaur teeth installation will be finished at the same time. There are two kinds of dinosaur teeth for choosing–hard one made with plastic material and soft one made with silicone rubber.


Hard dinosaur teeth is more realistic than soft one.


Soft one is harmless for child.

8. Packing and shipping

Dinosaur costumes will be packed after all the details was confirmed by our clients. Then we will ship it to the buyer. It will travel far away across the sea and meet the buyer 1 month later.

dinosaur suit in box

Another dinosaur suit is on the way

Our clients will share us feedback pictures and videos after they receive our products. All the suits are highly praised by our clients.

dinosaur suit as a birthday gift

Dinosaur suit as a birthday gift

Feedback videos from our clients

We always provide high quality dinosaur suits for customers all over the world. Please feel free to contact us if you need our help.

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