How to choose animatronic dinosaurs?

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How to choose animatronic dinosaurs?

Dinosaur theme parks are popular by tourists. Therefore, building dinosaur theme parks is a profitable business for its owners.

But, how to choose animatronic dinosaurs is a serious question they’re facing.

The market is flooded with bad quality dinosaur animatronics provided by inexperienced manufacturers. There would be some big problems if we purchased those bad quality dinosaurs.

Today, we are going to share some practical advices for people who are going to buy animatronic dinosaurs.

1.Check the appearance

We always say—don’t judge a man by his looks. However, it is important to judge another things according to its appearance. Check the quality of dinosaurs by its appearance is the first step.


It needs several steps to make dinosaur skin with good quality

But, what should we check?

First, it’s the skin painting. All the animatronic dinosaurs are painted with artificially prepared paint. There are a lot of facts influence the final effect of painting which is not easy to understand for outsiders. In fact, what we should check is simple—to check whether there are too many small holes on the skin. Dinosaur skin might easily fade if with a lot of holes.

Beside, checking the skin details is also a good way to judge the quality—high quality dinosaurs have much richer details.

2. Smell it

Bad quality animatronics made with inferior material always have a bad smell. It contains harmful gas like formaldehyde.

3. Check animatronic dinosaurs’ motion system

Animatronic dinosaurs are dynamic, it means they could make a lot of motions which are driven by the electric motors. A badly designed motion system might be broken down soon after you purchased it.

But, how to figure out whether the system is good or not?

Firstly, you should check whether it make motions smoothly. Secondly, you must pay attention to whether the mechanical system makes noise.

To make sure the motion system is in good condition, you could ask for testing video from manufacturers.

triceratops frame

Dinosaur mechanical system, the bone skeleton of animatronic dinosaur

Testing video of the high quality dinosaur

4. Cooperating with professional dinosaur maker

That’s the simplest method. A professional manufacturer can help you getting rid of many potential troubles. You get what you pay for. It’s the most economical to purchasing dinosaurs with high quality in the long run.

We provide all kinds of customized dinosaur animatronics with high quality. Please feel free to contact us if you need our help.

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