How to choose a dinosaur outfit?

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How to choose a dinosaur outfit?

How to choose a dinosaur outfit? It is a big question for dinosaur lovers who want a attractive prop related to dinosaur.

As a experienced dinosaur animatronics manufacturer, we have some suggestions for people who want to purchase dinosaur outfits.

1.Choose the most suitable outfit according to your purpose.

Don’t be confused by those amazing dinosaur props which is hot on Youtube or Facebook. The best one is the most suitable one for you.

Although most dinosaur lovers choose dinosaur suits for themselves, it doesn’t mean you should follow them.

Dinosaur costumes are suitable for prank use, activities, Jurassic parties. But, it would be better to choose an animatronic dinosaur or dynamic dinosaur bust statue if you want to attract people to your shop. Besides, lovely dinosaur hand puppet is more attractive for children.

triceratops head

A triceratops head on the bar counter

2. Pay attention to its operability when you purchase dinosaur puppets, for example suits and hand puppets.

Most buyers of dinosaur costume want to perform with the suit, right?

But, it would be terrible if the dinosaur suit is not easy to operate. The operability depends on 2 main facts—weight and mechanical system.

The weight is an easily neglected fact. In fact, it’s very important. Normally, a single field dinosaur show would be over 20 minutes. Every kilo of weight is a heavy burden. You might be physically exhausted after the show when you bought a heavy dinosaur suit, especially when you need to perform outdoor in summer. Trust me, that’s a nightmare.


Old dinosaur suit what now is thought to be too heavy

A classical dinosaur suit is about 20-30 kg (44-66lb) in weight. The appearance has huge influence on the weight of suit. A t-rex suit has a bigger head than raptor, right?

To make it lighter, adopting new material to make dinosaur costumes is a good choice. Newest Velociraptor costume can be 18kg in weight, suitable for performers who want a relax performing experience.

realistic dinosaur costume for sale

New material Velociraptor costume

The mechanical system of dinosaur puppets is directly influencing users’ experience. Most motions of the dinosaur suit are controlled by cable-pulled devices, operators make a motion by pulling the triggers connected with steel cables.

dinosaur suit mechanical frame

Dinosaur suit mechanical frame

You might need pull the triggers with great effort if the mechanical system is badly designed. It’s not easy to judge whether a mechanical system is good or not. But, choosing  dinosaur suits form an experienced maker is a good way to avoid potential troubles. They must already solve problems of the mechanical system so they could be called an experienced maker.

3. Appearance matters a lot.

Although it is important to have good internal factors, external factors directly attract people. We all like things with fantastic appearances.

For dinosaur outfits, it is important to have a realistic appearance. Some people might think it’s a real one when they see some realistic dinosaur costumes, especially when it is a hidden leg suit.

4. After-sales service

As a mechanical puppet, dinosaur costume is not easy to be broken. However, it also not easy to repair for operators without mechanical and animatronic knowledge. In addition to choose high quality dinosaur costume, we should also pay attention to after-sales provide by manufacturers.

To give clients a reassuring buying experience we provide a 1-year warranty for them. Besides, we provide a long life technique guide and spare parts services.

A good business relationship begins with trusting us. We provide all kinds of customized dinosaur outfits. Please feel free to contact us if you need our help.

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