How To Build A Dinosaur Park

How to build a dinosaur park?  It is a core issue that we should figure out when we are going to invest on dinosaur park projects.

dinosaur park graphic draft

But, owners might be very confused when they start to make a business plan. Some questions will turn up—where to build it? who will come? What should we prepare? … Unknown details prevent a lot of investors from this profitable business.

You will have a glimpse of how deep people love dinosaurs by checking box offices related to dinosaur films.

But, we still can’t find a dinosaur theme park in many countries and big cities with millions of population.

As an experienced dinosaur manufacturer we always help investors making practicable business plan. Today, I’d like to share some idea about how to build a dinosaur park.

1. Where to build the dinosaur park?

That’s depends on the scale of your park. The flourishing urban district has the biggest visitors flowrate, but also has the highest land price. Although it could attracts citizen more easily, it can not make the balance of income and outlay. That’s why there are only small indoor dinosaur parks in the downtown.

A good place for building a dinosaur park is not necessary to located downtown, but it should be with good transportation conditions.

Secondly, the size of land is also important. People might not drive 1 hour to a theme park that they could only spend 1 hour to travel. We need lands to install amusement equipment and build service facilities for visitors.

Besides, comparing with other theme parks, dinosaur park is more suitable for building at a natural environment with thick vegetation. That’s because it will be more closed to the environment of dinosaur ages.


We might build a real Jurassic Park as the film describe

2.What should I prepare for the dinosaur park?

We won’t 100 percent know what the visitors exactly want to see until we start running the park. But, people have something in common.

First, people are used to what they are familiar with. There are a lot of people who say they like creative things, however, most people are only like what they are used to.

So we must prepare what they are familiar with. Tell me, what’s the most famous dinosaurs?

I’m sure visitors will complain about your exhibits if they don’t see any animatronic t-rex in your park.

T-rex and Spinosaurus statue

T-rex and Spinosaurus statue the landmark of the Universal Studio Singapore

So it’s necessary to prepare famous dinosaur animatronics of t-rex, raptor, triceratops, brachiosaurus, etc.

Secondly, let people participate your activities and interact with your amusement equipment. Watching alone is not enough. People will not be happy just because they have seen some dinosaurs.

So, a mature manager of dinosaur park will prepare stage shows and interactive dinosaurs for tourists.

We can always find performers of dinosaur shows are surrounded by over a hundred crowds. The performer who dressed the dinosaur suit looks like a superstar in the eyes of kids.


Children also always enjoy riding dinosaur scooters in the playground.

Please remember—a dinosaur park will make profits since it give people a full and pleasurable journey.

3.How to marketing my dinosaur park?

Customer attraction is a big problem to start a new business. Investors are also get confused about how to market the dinosaur park.

In fact, the internet makes it much easier now. Google helps people getting information easily from all over the world. And it also helps enterprises running the business with a much lower advertisement cost.

google helps people get information

Out of question, dinosaur parks can advertise and sell tickets online. Through the internet, dinosaur parks can attract tourists faster at a much cheaper cost than using traditional media like TV or newspapers.

We not only provide animatronic dinosaurs but also provide internet service about marketing to help our clients developing their business.

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