Animatronic Woolly Mammoth Statue For Theme Parks

Woolly Mammoth is a kind of largest mammals lived on land during the Ice Ages.

animatronic mammoth statue

Adult mammoth is about 5 meters in length, 3 meters in height and 6-8 tons in weight.

Mammoth was extinct at the end of the last ice age. They have lived together with our ancestors.

We have found some frescos which recorded our ancestors were hunting mammoth for their meat and fur.


Researches show us it’s the climate changing, disease and human activity caused the extinction of mammoth.

Today, animal extinction is turns to be more and more frequent. Some scientists announced we are at another extinction period. The reason is mainly the pollution, environment damaging and climate changing caused by our activities.

To protect earth from becoming a desolate planet, we should protect animals.

Therefore, we should let people know more about animals. The exhibition of those extinct prehistoric animals could arouse people’s awareness of animal protection.

So we always display animals replicas in museums and theme parks to help people learn more about them.

animatronic mammoth statue

Animatronic mammoth made for the theme parks

The animatronic woolly mammoth statue is a 1:1 scale replica of mammoth.

animatronic mammoth statue

Animatronic mammoth in the workshop  

animatronic mammoth statue

It is dynamic with motions of eyes, mouth, head, noose, tail, etc.

animatronic mammoth statue

With the realistic appearance and flexible motions, it is very popular by audience in theme parks.

animatronic mammoth statue

Wolly mammoth replica in the theme park

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