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A Journey to Universal Studios Singapore–III

KANOSAUR team members and Cherrys handsome son

KANOSAURs family time

Events for family time

Most of the tourists are here for their family time, so there are a lot of events for them.

Shrek 4-D Adventure


Shrek and his castle

This event located at the Far Far Away area. Shrek and princess Fiona will stand outside their castle some time. Here you can take photos with them.

Shrek and Princess Fiona

Shrek and Princess Fiona

But they are not usually here, I think that’s because the animatronic suit of Shrek and Fiona is too hot for long time wearing. You’d better ask the staffs in the park when you want to take photos with them.

The 4D film of Shrek’s adventure is more realistic than normal Imax film we watched in cinema. Especially, they will spraying water on you face when the donkey sneezing, lol.


Please enjoy the film and donkeys snivel, lol

Madagascar—A carte adventure

Characters in Madagascar

Characters in Madagascar

This adventure event let you get on a boat and experience a marvelous adventure about the Characters in Madagascar. You will see a lot of familiar cartoon characters and watch some of the stories. Although it is a water entertainment, it rarely make you wet.

Characters in Madagascar

Characters in Madagascar



Characters in Madagascar will regularly appear and take photos with tourists too.


You can also take photos with characters in Madagascar

Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase


Sesame Street

This event will take you into a fairy tale world of the Sesame Street—a fairy tale world consists of animatronics. Kids will love this dreamy event.

Lovely animatronics in Sesame Street

Lovely animatronics in Sesame Street



Puss in Boots’ Gian Journey



It is a roller coaster ride suitable for people who are scared of the high speed one.

Characters also appeared in the area so you can take photos with them.


Characters in Puss in Boots’ Giant Journey


Carousels are attractive for all the kids, I once saw a family ride carousel again and again.

The carousels in the park are with special rides made according to famous characters from Universal Studios films.





WaterWorld universal singapore

It’s a very cool performance which reproduced classical scene of the film with the same name.

Did you rember this scene in Waterworld?

Did you rember this scene in Waterworld?

Performers will drive the small airport expertly. People nearby the pool always get wet by the wave. I think it’s ok to get wet because the weather is so hot.


The performance is amazing.


Yes, it will make you wet for sure.

Another tourist recorded the show–

Height requirement

To avoid you get puzzled about whether your kids can take those rides, here I provide a table for reference.

Ride height reference

Place for picture

Photos are important to memorize our journey. So, I list some photography places for you.

The earth statue of universal studio

The landmark you should not miss

Nearby the Jurassic Park

Nearby the Jurassic Park

Nearby the sesame street

Nearby the sesame street

Near by the Pussin Boots' Giant Journey

Near by the Pussin Boots’ Giant Journey

Madagascar area

Madagascar area


In the dinosaur restaurant


Nearby the Shreks castle


Nearby the Anubis statue

Next article I will show you the fantastic carnival of the night.

To be continue…

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