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A Journey to Universal Studios Singapore–II

The Lost World of dinosaurs

The lost world

The lost world

This is the most important area for us, because we are animatronic dinosaur manufacturers and dinosaur lovers. Although we always help the owners build their dinosaur theme parks, there still a lot of thing we need learn.

Now, lets walking into the Lost World.

Jurassic Park

Welcome to the Jurassic Park

T-rex and Spinosaurus statue in a small squire

T-rex and Spinosaurus statue

T-rex and Spinosaurus statue

It is one of the landmark of the park, being built according the Jurassic Park 3, suitable for tourists who like to take photos.

Dinosaur theme restaurant

Dinosaur restaurant

Dinosaur restaurant

The t-rex skeleton reminds me of another one that appeared in the film Jurassic Park. Since we will spend a whole day in the park, most of the tourists will have their lunch and dinner here. I recommend you have a taste of the fried fish noodles, it is delicious.

Jurassic park Rapids Adventure

Jurassic Park rapid adventures boat

Jurassic Park rapid adventures boat

The rapids adventure in the novel, Jurassic Park, is one of the most impressive chapter for me. But, pitifully, it did not appeared in the film. So I do have a very high expectation of it. Besides, as I know the Jurassic park rapid adventure also appeared in another theme parks belongs to Universal Studio.

But, the experience of the rapids adventure is a little disappointed.

Another tourist recorded what he saw in the rapids adventure.

Firstly, it is not trilling enough. The design changed, there will be a huge animatronic t-rex bust statue rush to tourists in other parks, but it just a static small t-rex head here.

Secondly, most of the animatronic dinosaurs are seriously damaged. I already know the material and technology they adopted can not stand the corrosion of water. But, I did not expect it was damaged so seriously.

Dilophosaurus statue with a bad condition.


Fade Dilophosaurus statue in the park

Thirdly, I think the event should be bigger and with more dinosaurs. As dinosaur lovers we expect a longer journey with more dinosaurs.


I wish I can see more dinosaur like this animatronic velociraptor

In fact,  the Jurassic Park ride in Universal Studio Hollywood is what I’m talking about.

Dinosaur show

I had watched a Youtube video about the  dinosaur show in the park.

But, what we see is just a raptor suit on a truck. It might because we missed the show, I was disappointed too.

Next article I will show you something suitable for your family time.

To be continue…

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