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A Journey to Universal Studios Singapore–I


Theme park is a place full of interesting adventure events and happiness. It is not only a good place for children but also be built for adults.

As practitioners of amusement park industry we, some members of KANOSAUR team, have a unforgettable journey to one of the most famous theme park in the world—the Universal Studios Singapore.

kanosaur team

From left to right–Leone Tang, Cheery Chen, Cherry Kan, Bess Li, Sammi Zahng, Thea Chen

Now, please fellow my step walk into the world of this marvelous world.

Adventure events for people who looking for exciting things.

Battlestar Calactica

Firstly, you should not miss the double-track roller coaster event named Battlestar Calactica which is located at the area named Sci-Fi City. There are two entrances for different tracks. Red one stand for human, while the blue one stand for robots.

In fact, the red tack is ride-on type roller coaster , traditional type roller coaster you can see in any theme park. The blue one is suspension type roller coaster—you will be hang under the cantilever.


The most trilling momment is when the two roller coaster get closed to each other.

I had taken them both, frankly, I think the blue one is more thrilling.

Video of the roller coaster

Suggestion about taking the roller coaster.

  1. Do not try it if you have any disease of heart and brain, it will kill you.
  2. Don’t close your eyes it will increase the weightlessness, instead, shout as loud as you can, let the shouting take away all troubles in your mind.

Transformers the ride—The ultimate 3D battle

It is also located at the Sci-Fi City.


A Bumblebee statue on the entrance

This is unmissable event especially when you are a film lover of the Transformers. I think this event is well-designed, they almost made a short film about Transformers. You can watch short videos while waiting in the lines, each waiting area have a chapter about the story.

Transformers props

You can interact with the Transformers props when waiting in the line

The short videos make our waiting time not boring at all. After watching all the short videos you will get on the new member of Transformers and saving the world, its up to you now!

Revenge of the mummy in Ancient Egypt area

Ancient Egypt entrance

Ancient Egypt entrance

The event located in the area name Ancient Egypt. This area is full of the ancient Egypt cultural atmosphere. The huge Anubis statue bring us to an ancient Egypt world.

Giant Anubis statue

Impressive giant Anubis statue

The event take us over one hours to wait in lines, but it is worth.


A lot of people are waiting in the line

We are hunting by mummies after we get on the roller coaster. Most of the mummies are realistic animatronics with horrible faces.

Realistic mummy animatronics

Realistic mummy animatronics

All the sense are so realistic I can feel the flame licked my face. Besides, the envrionment is very dark which makes it more thrilling.


Realistic mummy animatronics


  1. Keep your bag or hand phone in storage box, you will get on a high speed roller coaster.
  2. Watch out your children, they will cry.

There are other trilling and exciting events in the park, I leave them to your exploration.

Next article I will show you other interesting amusement events.

To be continue…

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